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startups, nonprofits and small business Strategy

We solve the problems you didn't even know you had and then devise a plan to fix them. It's not rocket science-it's way more complex.

Mobile and website Design for startups, nonprofits and small business

Anyone can make pretty pictures. Only the best can craft lasting user experiences. Good thing we're the best.

Mobile and website development for startups, nonprofits and small business

We infiltrated LARPing teams to assemble the world's most innovative team of nerds, who dream in code but still think in business.

startups, nonprofits and small business Marketing

By the time you read about the technology, we already have more marketing ideas than will fit on the whiteboard.

just the tip of the iceberg

We've been around the block

After a decade of playing with the big boys, we now focus that experience on more impactful projects with startups, small businesses and nonprofits. We combine the rigor of the mega machines with the limberness of the little guy.

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For Startups

From mapping out features to funding your vision. We've got you covered.

Early Stage?

Working on a new product?

So, you have a great product? Bet your mom thinks it's awesome, but who's going to buy it? CoLauncher makes you profitable by building the right product and selling to the right people - all without sacrificing your firstborn. #startuprates

Lets get hackin'

Early Stage?

No clue where to start?

Ok, so you have a cool idea and big dreams? CoLauncher partners with you for equity to build and launch your company. We’ll take your idea from the back of the napkin to outer space. Hey, we’ll even foot the bill!

Join the Incubator


We want to say a big Thank You - this world is a lot less crazy because of your relentless and under appreciated efforts. We work to help and support nonprofits however we can, with fundraising, speaking at events, coaching and with our teams.

If you've got a noble mission don't let a little thing like money get in the way of changing the world. CoLauncher helps non-profits make the greatest impact in resource-challenged environments.

See how CoLauncher can help your nonprofit

What can we do for your brand?

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