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After years in corporate and agencies, we needed something different. Something impactful, something with meaning. If this is what drives your company, your ideas – then lets get this started.

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When we set out with a goal of focusing on startups, we found some really killer ideas out there that didn’t have any or all of the funding that they needed. So we came up with Flex Funding – we can work together for cash, equity, revenue sharing or a combination of ideas. We typically decide the approach based on the age and maturity of your startup. For cash jobs, we have a serious “no gouging” policy and and can accept payments in installments. If we like your idea, we can strategically inject small sums of money in your startup for a stake in your future. And if we really like your idea, we will even fund the whole thing ourselves. At CoLauncher, we care about value, not valuations.

How does CoLauncher differ from a typical agency?

Did you even read the rest of this beautiful site that we slaved over?! Fine. To recap: we’ve worked with corporates and big agencies – CoLauncher is focused on making things that are more meaningful. We jump in when ideas are still on the backs of napkins and nurture them every step of the way to launch. Finally, we work on very few opportunities at a time and give them our full attention. We don’t merely charge by the hour, we work with you to figure out the best use of your money. In some cases we’ll even chip in or fund ideas ourselves (see above).

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