Think Big

You hatch
the idea

We'll make it happen

THINK BIGa new kind of incubator program for startups

We aren’t the firm that throws unmetered money at a dozens of startups with the hope of one being successful, making you uproot your life, fight over mentors or beg for help – in fact, we’re the exact opposite.

CoLauncher invests in a very small handful of early stage startups each year and hold your hand through launch and beyond. We intend to put in the hours and sweat with you, and we expect all of our startups to be successful.

Unlike typical programs, most of the startups we invest in dont have a valuation, a financial strategy or business plan. In most cases, we’re working with individuals who’s idea is scribbled on the back of a napkin but its one in a million.

Some of our Incubations



You bring the crazy groundbreaking idea
we’ll bring the rest
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