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So, you have a great product? Bet your mom thinks it's awesome, but who's going to buy it? CoLauncher gets you profitable by building the right product and selling to the right people - all without sacrificing your firstborn. #startuprates

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Early Stage?

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Ok, so you have a cool idea and big dreams? CoLauncher partners with you for equity to build and launch your company. We’ll take your idea from the back of the napkin to outer space. Hey, we’ll even foot the bill!

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When we set out to define what CoLauncher would be, it really came down to one sentence: We wanted to create a company that was part of impactful ideas. And some of the biggest impacts come from one of the most challenging groups; nonprofits... a group that has to make the biggest splash with the least amount of resources. It was decreed that our new found company would give back to the groups the defined giving back with special rates and agreements for nonprofits.

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Josh BolingerInternet Wizard

A consultant to over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and a long history in digital evolution, Josh has used his extensive background in internet technologies to build a highly sought after skill set. His overly adventurous personality and life abroad draws him to exceptionally fresh products and ideas with an impact.



One part engineer, zero parts awkward, Jaidev is equally passionate about understanding technology and the people using it. With wide ranging experience at companies like Microsoft and National Instruments, Jaidev uses his calculated genius to whip startups into shape.