How we launch startups

From software to hardware
or a combination of both

We’ve got a long history of launching products

from the first iOS developer kitiOS developer, sdk
and the
first iPad
ipad mobile development
to the tech that runs your robot vacuumaustin agency software development
and hundreds
of small businesses ideas
small business development

Heres how we help startups and nonprofits

Startups live and die by their ability to acquire new customers. Even if you have a good product/market fit on paper, you have to constantly fight to gain traction…and that too on a tight budget. CoLauncher is a force multiplier that augments your small team wherever necessary – with strategy, branding, promotion, design, engineering – to break through the noise and reach new customers.

Let’s figure out why your idea is unique. Let’s really understand the problem you’re going to solve — and how you’ll do it differently. And let’s figure out why anyone but your mom is going to care about it.

They say that no idea, no product, is original anymore.But it can always be done better. We’ll do market research, competitor analysis and content strategy to make sure we have a plan before going down the rabbit hole.

Design isn’t just pretty visuals and branding. By thinking through personas, workflows, user experience and testing, we’ll be ready to knock their socks right off.

Step 1. Idea. Step 2. Build it? Wrong. Let’s understand your target demographic, revenue model, budgets and launch plans to create a minimally viable product. Know the difference between a great product and a dud? Damn. Good. Planning.

App or Website? It’s not really that simple. Let’s evaluate your users, budgets, timelines and current and future needs to pick the right technology platforms for your product.

We both know when your product launches it’s going to be massive. Who keeps the machines running, manages SEO, handles support or overnight updates? We’ll provide the army that keeps your masterpiece purring along.

You wear a fitbit to track your health. So why would you put your product without tracking of it’s own?? With analytics and social engagement, let’s see how people are using your product and what they think about it.

Lets be honest. You can’t just open your doors and expect people to walk on in. Outreach, promotion, social engagement and beta customers are important parts of opening big. And they should start long before the doors are even installed.

Even the best ideas need money to grow. We’ll prep you to pitch to investors – with the right business plan, demos and prototypes. In some cases, we’ll even fund it ourselves.

An agency for startups – what’s that about?

We’ve worked with over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and a truck load of agencies. Large corporates have large budgets and typical agencies are setup to service these large clients with inflated staffing.

large staff = large overheads = large margins

Well guess what. You are paying for that large staff. We partner with you to be more inventive, flexible, lean and creative. En route to world domination.

Big ideas ≠ big success.

Success is in the planning, process and execution. Unlike typical agencies, CoLauncher works with a very small number of innovators each year to build and launch companies. We task our entire team to help flesh out your feature set, develop your business goals, conduct market research, evaluate UI/UX and produce iterative designs and development.


Digital Brand Strategy
Brand Experience Design
Content Strategy
SEO Strategy
Product Monetization
IP Development
User Experience Strategy
Media Research
Media Planning
E-Commerce Planning
Integrated Advisement
Narrative Design
Communication Strategy
Consumer Insights
Persona Development
Product Measurement
Product Analysis
Process Optimization
Business Analysis
Product Roadmapping
and more…


Multi-Platform Interface Design
Information Architecture
Wireframe Prototyping
Concept Development
Brand Identity
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Experimental Design
Consumer Experience Modeling
User Interface Design
Motion Graphics
2D and 3D Animation
Emerging OS Design
Game Design
Product Packaging
Video Production
Information Design
Data Visualization
and way more…


Technical Architecture
iOS, Android, Windows
Unity Development
Implementation Design
Back-end Architecture
Middleware Solutions
Legacy Integration
Desktop & Web Apps
Systems Integration
API & SDK Development
Performance Optimization
Server Development
Data Feed Design
Cloud Computing Solutions
Technology Auditing
Deployment Strategy
Third-Party Management
Analytics & Reporting
QA Test Plans
Regression Testing
and so much more…

R & D

Industrial Design
Experiential Design
Software Integration
Electrical Engineering
Hardware Design
Schematic Design
Mobile Development
Large Display Design
Brand Experiences
Spatial Installations
Gesture Tracking
Motion Tracking
Sensor Integration
Interactive Experiences
Augmented Reality
Emerging OS Development
Digital Signage
Location Tracking
Digital POS
Product Design
and, of course, more…

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