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startup app development for a social media app and messaging app

Sinc started with a simple idea:

Social media makes it easier than ever for us to communicate with each other but it increasingly makes our conversations more telegraphic and superficial.

How could we make digital communication more immersive?

When we were in college, it seemed like we could hang out with our buddies any time we wanted – day or night. As we get older, families, kids, #adulting make it much harder

The founder of a fledgeling startup – InterAct, came to us with this gem of an idea.

THE BRAINSTORMfor a social media startup


startup game develoment and character animation


In a series of early brainstorms, we ideated and refined our core idea: great moments between friends happen when you’re seeing/hearing/experiencing together.

How do deep conversations happen? Over shared love for a book, shared love for same band, the same silly cat video. Doing things together, like playing games and watching movies.

Somehow, we needed to translate these into the digital world, enabling all if this in one place. But first and foremost we had to setup a base of simple and intuitive communication.

BREAKIN’ IT DOWN, startup process for a social media app development


At CoLauncher, we take very few projects a year so we have a disciplined approach and always bootstrap them. With time being the most valuable asset, we’ve developed a  process to systematically explore an early stage concept. It starts with basic questions like:

What would be the unique value?

Why would people use this over something else?

Answering these questions objectively is almost as important as asking them.

animated emoji kit for a social media app done by an austin based agency for startups

Any communication app today enables you to share content – send a message, tweet, snap with a link to any content online. More importantly any link you share in a communication app today, takes you out of the app – not very immersive, is it?

Now sure, some apps embed content like photos and video within the chat but if you are watching the video 15 hours after someone sent it, are you really having a deep conversation?

So technically, we had two challenges – we needed to support rich content within the app and we needed for users to enjoy it together, in sync (or is it NSYNC?)

They had the idea that we could have a virtual world in which all these activities could happen together….like a game! But where the objective would not be scoring points but to encourage conversation over shared content and activities

Logo and branding for a new york startup social media app


Communication redefined, messaging app development for a startup

An incredible amount of thought and ideation

From conceptualizing ideas, to branding, design, dev and many prototypes and pivots in between, Sinc is just as much our baby. Its been a big part of our days (and nights) for quite some time and we cant wait for the world to see what we’ve.

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